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Human Resources and Development Department

Got people skills? Then this is the department for you. The people of ABAM, members and future members alike, are the ones who give meaning to our existence. The objectives of HRD, which are translated through our projects and activities, are all geared toward creating a family of empowered BA people. Yes, we exist to recruit and develop the members and transitionals, who keep the heart of ABAM beating.

HRD Events and Activities

MemsOrn: Members Orientation

TransOrn: Transitionals Orientation

Recruitment and Reaffirmation Week

Session Week

Team Building Sessions

Member Development Events

(like SMEMS: Sponsorship Marketing for Mems and SKILLS Workshops)

Leadership Camp



Finance Department

We don’t just press calculators; we make them materialize. We continuously seek to challenge the status quo to efficiently create value-adding projects for the organization and its members.

Finance Events and Activities


Food Sale

Brand Sale

Wish Upon A Christmas Tree

Christmas Party and Bingo Night

Tournaments (PVZ and Left4Dead)

Tree Planting

Community Affairs Department

Community Affairs Department, one of the segments of ABAM, understands that its role is to consider the interests of humanity by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, localpeople and society at large. It engages in various socio-civic projects which not only aim to help and improve the community but also seek to inculcate in the minds of ABAMers the value of proactively reaching out and lending a hand to other people. This social responsibility of all ABAMers is voluntary; going above and beyond what is called for by any rule or regulation to give back to society.

CA Events and Activities

Maagang Pasko

Home for the Aged Visit

Jail Visit

ABAMaligayang Pasko 3

Feeding Program

Medical Mission

Voters Orientation Seminar

Special Events Department

Special Events Department handles the organization’s external events with the primary objective of providing UP ABAM the maximum publicity the organization can get. As a pool of extraordinary talents, it develops the events management skills of its members through effectively and efficiently handling the marketing, logistics and publicity and promotions aspects of each event.

We live ABAM’s motto “We Mean Business” as we exude professionalism in dealing with different kinds of stakeholders – from company sponsors to events participants, from members and alumni to non-members alike. We incorporate passion, commitment and fun with work. We are simply exceptional. Because we’re special.

SE Events and Activities


BizMan 4

BizCon 3

Major Event

Auxiliary Event


Posted December 29, 2009 by upabam

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