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Behind the Mask

By Tailc

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Hell no! It’s ABAM, the awesomest league of superheroes, in all their multicolored glory! See their flowing capes, cool masks and bright and tight spandex? HRD in blazing   chili red, SE in dazzling star yellow! FIN in mean monster   green and CA in killer electric blue! Apart from looking       good, all of these guys – believe it or not – are harder, better, faster, and stronger than ever before! Got beef with ‘em, evildoers? Start runnin’ back to your mommas,  ‘coz justice is going to rule the streets tonight!

Last August 15, all the ABAM heroes were summoned by Cap’n Riza Manlapaz, Cap’n Shara Pineda and Cap’n Patricia Miranda back at HQ. The three super beauties called for an urgent Team-Building Session with the league. All the different groups would be pitted against each other, in a battle of survival and wits, and the last group left standing would be the winner. What did this Team-Building Session hold in store for our beloved heroes? Danger and uncertainty in every corner, high-speed action and the thrill of adrenaline, death-defying challenges that were the perfect acid tests for teamwork and camaraderie! Whose team was going to stay on top at the end?

The Team-Building Session soon began! HRD conquered the banana relay, the first challenge, like a boss. SE dominated the three-legged race, the second challenge, with their cheetah-like legs. FIN and CA followed closely by hairlines, but you couldn’t see the look of defeat in the faces of these determined players even when they lost! Heat and tension then rose as the groups moved on to the excursions–To Vinzons, to CAL, to the Carillon Tower, to the School of Economics and to Quezon Hall where the strong-hearted would nose-blow a villainous candle to death, or endure a mysterious substance to get coins at the bottom of a bucket. Did anyone fail at the end of these challenges though? Absolutely not! As the saying goes, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Again the finish line had been taken first by the HRD for this challenge, followed by both FIN and CA, with SE at the very tail.

It didn’t stop there, however. All four teams were presented afterwards with the finale: transferring water from a pail to an empty bottle at the other side of the playing field. The catch? You could only use your body parts! It was to say that when the teams began it was like a storm had rushed in! All the heroes grabbed and filled their mouths with water, and each one zipped from end to end as if their life depended on it. The team that entirely filled up its bottle first, surprisingly, was FIN. It had been their moment to make a comeback, and they pulled through!

When the results of each challenge were tabulated for the final scoring, the blazing red HRD emerged victorious. Dazzling yellow SE fell in second place, with mean and green FIN right behind and electric-blue CA filling the last spot. Cheers erupted in the arena as another of many Battle Royales ended with a bang, a valuable lesson in team spirit… and a righteous water-bag fight!

It is with rigorous training like this that the heroes of ABAM answer the call of the helpless, and strike evil with their very hands! With iron wills they will never fail, and like vigilantes they will continue to watch over the world from skyscrapers, seeing to the ultimate safety of every good citizen! Excelsior, ABAM!


Posted August 22, 2011 by upabam in Activities

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