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By Miss Abott

August 5, 2011. UPCAT day. BACBACAN day.

The day started around 9 am, and the judges for the cheerdance competition are being introduced. Bulks of green, yellow, blue, red and violet are very conspicuous as one person steps into the DAR Gym. The height of emotions even just at the start of the day is high, and you know this day would not go anywhere but be higher.

It was one action-filled day that neither the size of this 11 x 17 poster can seem to carry, nor yours truly can really put into words unless I have the liberty to act it upon you or show you a video.

The day started with the cheerdance competition. Sophies began the line-up showing everyone why they are SOPHreme,  followed by the TERMIEnators who touched everyone’s hearts by a performance which reminisced their history, then the JunROARS who were wild and fierce, the Freshmen who with their military theme says they would not give up that easily, and lastly the Seniors, showing what extra strong really means.

Following with the same line-up, representatives from the different batches made us laugh, become awed and just all be kilig in our seats during the Mr. & Ms. BACBACAN.

After lunch, the basketball, volleyball and futsal games  began, and this time the heat was really on. Boosters from the crowd never failed to either cheer their respective batch’s players for every point, or just urge them on and give support. Each player gave it his best shot for the team. You can see their passion for the sports they are playing but at the same time their drive to win.

The parlor games, where team effort is important came in next. Participants of dodge ball rolled, jumped, pirouetted and practically became acrobats just to prevent the ball from touching them. Throwers (or is that what you call them) gave their best efforts to throw, hit wherever possible, their competition.

Last but definitely not the least, the batches pulled and pulled until the “white stuff” crossed the “second outer white line” in the tug-of-war. You would hear everyone shouting and saying, “PULL, PULL, PULL.” Then next you would hear somebody say “STOP” because somebody already won,  and hear some people say, “WHEW, LOOK AT MY HANDS!”,  yet you would see everyone smiling and laughing.

The next thing we knew it was the awarding ceremony. Before the winners were announced, the different batches cheered and well, had good fun cheering (or not) other batches but everyone was a good sport.  Forgive me, but I’d like to post some of the cheers because it really made me laugh. Just guess who said who =P

“MANALO, MATALO, IINOM KAMI!” (as response to the first cheer)


So anyway, the results were announced and here are the champions for each event:

Futsal: Juniors

Mixed Volleyball: Juniors

Women’s Basketball: Seniors

Men’s Basketball: Seniors

-> Joanna Isidoro and Sherdil Rana, an ABAMer and soon-to-be ABAMer became the MVP’s. CONGRATS you guys!!!

Mr. & Ms. BACBACAN: Seniors

Cheerdance Competition: Termies


5th place: FRESHMEN

4th place: SOPHOMORES

3rd place: TERMINALS

2nd place: JUNIORS


The DAR Gym never got quiet. You can hear each batch’s cheer, and standing from one point of the gym seeing 5 different colors battle it all out, I got to look at the bigger picture. The BACBACAN really brings out the love of each person present there for their batch, and their support for the college because really, when you think about it, if one person really did not care then why put all that effort to creating such a wonderful dance routine? If one student never really cared, then why practice for several nights just to make you prepared for the game, or plainly memorize and even hold the copy of your cheer’s lyrics and shout with the rest of the boosters?

I like what Engle said before they announced the winners. “We are one family and that is the CBA Family.”  I came to think, yes. This should be same thing for orgs; I am part of ABAM, and ABAM IS MY FAMILY here in BA. I see ABAMers during that day, and we did not fail to greet and talk even if we wear different colors because really, just like our different batches, we just belong to that one bigger picture, the CBA. Then again, there is UP, but that’s going too far and will require a longer read than this.


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