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Project Rebirth

By  Tweetums

Who knows Steve Rogers? Probably only a few.  Rogers was a weak soldier rejected for a military service due to his condition.  A scientist however saw his determination and got him into the force as the subject of a secret experiment called Project Rebirth.  The experiment turned out to be a success; it enhanced his frail body into the maximum human potential.  He became the legendary super soldier known as CAPTAIN AMERICA.

For the past few weeks, I have seen the halls of CBA filled with students holding cameras and taking pictures with different people.  The challenges for org applications have started for most orgs.  One of them is ABAM with its challenging yet attainable buddy challenges.  Some of the tasks given were to take pictures with McDo and Jollibee, a guard, vendor, joggers and Oble; to wear shirts of the same color; and to have pictures with the Execore and ABAMers of different departments.  Accomplishing the challenges may be exhausting and time-consuming, yet the transitionals relentlessly aim to finish all of them, and some even compete with their co-transitionals.

Some may see the buddy challenges simply as a way of making the transitionals’ life harder.  Some may see them as nonsensical and unnecessary.  However, a closer look at the challenges will make us see the rationale behind each task.  Buddy challenges are not as shallow as just taking pictures with random people, with the mem buddy, in different places.  It subliminally tests and develops in the transitionals the skills they need as an ABAMer.  Having a picture with Oble, for example, tests their courage.  Asking for pictures with different random people improves their confidence and social skills.  The tasks also make trans closer to their buddies and the ABAMers.  The buddy challenges as a whole also develops their determination, perseverance and time-management skills.

ABAMers, continue to support and believe in our transitionals.  Help them grow and realize their potentials.  We’ll never know, they might become our Captain Americas 😉

To the transitionals, hold on! You’re half way through your trans process!  Consider the process as your Project Rebirth.  From being an “outsider”, you’re gradually gaining the identity of an ABAMer.  Take your tasks seriously (but don’t forget to have fun!) that you may develop your maximum potential as an ABAMer.  You’ll soon be waving the flag of blue and yellow 😀


Posted August 22, 2011 by upabam in Activities

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