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Kudos to Buzz!!!

By Bullstrode

Remember Karen and Gina? How about the Jaboom twins?

Most of us probably grew up watching television and have been submerged into some commercials, some with the most powerful tag lines, and some mind boggling jingles. There were times when we would sit in front of the television not because of the TV show but because we want to watch the latest talk of the town – the commercial for this noodle, or for that fast food chain. We’d sing along the jingle of this well known soft drinks brand, and we feel like our day was complete.

Last Wednesday, our knowledge – whether stuck knowledge or knowledge brought to us by our increased curiosity for advertising brought by our dear CBA – was tested with BUZZ!, the brand quiz bee brought to us by our dear Special Events Department. Whether as one of the contestants or as one of the event coordinators, we surely racked our brains in finding the answers for those questions!

With many last-few-minutes registrants that delayed the event for some time, the quiz bee kicked off with 28 teams who faced easy to difficult questions about brands and their advertisements, believing in that tag line just do it! with every decision they make. Some questions we know from TV and radio commercials; others we’ve read from newspapers and billboards, and these questions are like that dishwashing liquid – isang patak, kaya ang sebong sangkatutak! In the end, only three teams were recognized as winners, and the rest were like sebo.

And so, we congratulate our winners!!! Like what that bed brand claims, kayo rin ay mga Hari ng Tibay!!! To Ken and the Virgins, teamtation, and Team Great, CONGRATULATIONS! We hope this event let you open happiness and made you appreciate the hours you spent watching television.

For the rest of us, kudos to another successful event! Can you imagine life without ABAM?



Posted August 22, 2011 by upabam in Activities

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